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Welcome, you arrived here after scanning a QR barcode, a URL on linked-in or you were looking for SFB SSDs.


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Jason has been involved with office IT and business solutions since the 80s. He does not do code or scripting, spreadsheets are okay though. Any other section of the SDLC is fine, ranging from mess finding right through to end user training. Due to working in a number of SMEs across a wide base of industries he has been involved in purchasing, strategy, server builds, lugging boxes around and delivering training.

Notable learning oppertunities include an entire office not being able to log into windows, snowed-in in the smokies and herding goats.

His hobbies include boardgames. fencing and taking CPD courses.

CPD list

I am looking for my next project in North Devon



Moved to the West Country. Being sandwiched between the M3, M4 and Heathrow flight plaths was not a lot of fun.


After eight years as a tester with PrisymID working on Medica and 360 it is time to move on.
The first customer from a market segment I directed the company into should be signing a contract soon but too late for me to get any commission.

First posting to the Geek

First rules summary posting onto Board Game Geek.

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