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My Higher Education history is rather confusing as it spans two decades and Six universities.
Glamorgan 2000/4
Cardiff 2001/11
Western Carolina 2003
Reading 2004
UNCA Asheville 2007-2009
Oxford 2011

All these modules have been passed at accredited universities and are level five or above on the current eduation awards scale
Advanced programming
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Mysteries
Archaeology of Britain from Paleolithic to Iron Age
Behavioral science
Bringing the past to life
British history
Business accounting
Business ethics
Business financial statements
Business law
Business planning
Company analysis
Comparative languages
Computer architcture
Contract law
Corporate strategy
Counseling SMEs
Data base design and management
Designing Business Systems
English Legal System
European history
Financial management
Immigration Law
Information and research
Information analysis and presentation
Information system
Innovation & change
International business & Export management
International Employee Relations
Internet contract law
Inside NASA
In search of Human nature
International Business
International Exchange
Legal aspects of US business
Macro economics
Managing business information
Market research
Marketing fundamentals
Marketing management
Micro economics
Operating systems and networs
Pax Americana
People and organizations
Power politics and business
Problems in World politics
Project management
Property law and Conveying
Purchasing & supply
Psychology and law
Organizational behaviour
Organizational thinking
Software design
Strategic management
Structured analysis & design
Systems evaluation
The Foundation of Middle Earth
Tutoring in schools
US government and politics
> UNIX systems management and programing











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