L8 Heavy Cruiser

The L8 heavy cruiser came from the same shipyards as the orginal and unreliable L5 light cruiser. An unexpected outcome of their research into the L5 warp eninge reliabliltiy problem was that the traditional design of the warp nacells at the back of the ship was not the most efficient design. Having the warp nacells infront of the ship was far more efficient. However in the same way that pusher configuration aircraft were never popular on 20th century Earth and that the distinctive klingon D7 design made it easy to determine who not to shoot in battle the Klingon High Council firmly stated engines at the back. The L5 designers moved the engines slightly forward while still keeping the destinctive carnet wing design. They also used the unpopular Hot-Warp engine. It was found that there was a slight loss of turn mode or a more stable ride depending on what style of pilot you were talking to.
The rear deck was expanded. The boom weapon suite was upgraded with a single centre-line disrupter which was the only way to avoid shocking the hull. Two antidrone launchers replaced the mounts used for the tractor beams at the front of the boom and dirverted some of the lab sensors for use as the ADD-tracking system. The emergency impulse engine was trebbled in size and the rear APR doubled.
A most interesting design outcome of the L8 that it can bring 75% of it phasers to bear on a target in its left or right side firing arc giving it a broadside capability similar to the Napolonic era navies on Earth.


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