DWCV Emergency Carrier

There were many times when Klingon fleets went out with no fighter cover. This left them having to pick their way through Kizinti and Hydran fighter screens before getting to the intended target. One well connected Admiral was unwilling to go out fighterless and unprepared to wait for an auxilery carrier to be dispatched to him. His solution was to remove a fighter hanger from the starbase, cut it in half and wrap the halves around the boom of a D5. The warp nacells from an old E1 escort were found in storage and welded into the affair to counter some of the increase in ship mass. For obvious reasons there is no boom seperation on this ship due to the insane amount of external bracing.

In F&E terms this is a heavy carrier build and only two can be built ever. Conversion cost is 3 plus a fighter module and the corresponding fighter annuity from a FRD/BS/SB. A fighter depot may not be used instead of a fighter module.

Klingon Bird of Prey

There is no such thing as a Klingon Bird of Prey. If you insist on having one this may do.



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