While the Klingon cruisers had excelent fire power they were lacking in command capabilities.

LF5 Fast orginal D5

The orginal klingon D5 light crusier had engine problems that restriced it to short range missions. So much so that they were all transfered to the Internal Security Fleet and renamed to L5s with the D5 designation being used for a future war crusier hull. What instead of this reassignment the L5s were retrofitted with the hot-warp engines that were designed for the D7 heavy crusier. As the hot-warp engine mountings came with twin disrupters as a standard factory fitting there was a doubling in the L5s heavy weapon capacity. A fast D7 would have lost fire power; by using the L5 the Deep Space fleet gained a small measure of firepower. The L5s engines were recycled onto monitors as the lack of endurance & the short operating range was not considered a problem, since a monitor rarely leaves the planetary system it is first assigned to.

D4DC Collared D4 Drone Crusier

In an attempt to keep the D4s in service, rather than having them sold off to the Romulans, engineers fitted the PHD-collar onto a D4, replacing the heavy weapons with drone racks & sensors and shoe horning in some cargo room. Cargo was deamed more important than hull spacing as a Klingon warrior should be able to sleep anywhere. Other suggestions for a D4 drone cruiser exist elsewhere. The D4DC is a work in progress in order to find the optimal configuration which would be to idealy rival the D6D



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