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Bird of Prey
While at once a radical departure from tradition and a return to an old way of war the BoP was the furthest the Romulans moved away from the war bird series of hulls. While the cloaking device was dificult to pierce it could be done by an experienced sensor opperator. The Bird of Prey was build on the premis that enemy scouts will be looking for warp signitures of inbound ships and that they may overlook something moving at very fast sublight speeds
. To this end the BoP has massive impulse engines mounted on the wing tips to provide high sublight speeds and an impressive turning arc all without setting off any warp feild sensors. The APR was discarded as the only difference between an APR and an Impulse engine is a controlled hole in one of the sides. Carrying the low EM profile theme further the BoP has three Plasma-Fs rather than a G or S which would be more in line with a typical cruiser. The more than adequate hull provided spacious living quarters making it a popular assignment.
The operational mode of the BoP was to sit with the warp engines off, the Plasma-Fs help in statis mode and using passive fire control. If time and terrian allowed the shuttles would be deployed as fwd obs. Once a target was spotted the ships captian had two choices either remain on impulse and hope to deliver a crippling first salvo before being detected or cloak the ship, power up the warp drive and move in behind the prey.
As a warship the BoP proved a failure but as a convoy raider it was a great success. The bonus feature of storing valuable but perishable loot in the stasis holding boxes of the Plasma-F launchers was something ships captians exploited to the fullest.